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SEASON 2024 

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"nye udtryk for det moderne menneskes længsler."


"Sonderer grænserne for hvor ny ballet er på vej hen."



“A vibrant new concept - bringing a broad spectrum of choreographers

(to Denmark) create new works - in a live collaboration between dance and chamber music”

Monna Dithmer, Politiken


“Kammerballetten is an important voice in the Danish dance scene. They step up where the larger companies can’t. Kammerballetten is an intimate, intense and poetic dance-experience, which both the beginner and expert will be enriched by. Kammerballetten communicates emotions and states which we all can relate to, and which we often can learn from”. 

Ungt Teaterblod

"Kammerballetten has again cemented its position as the most in-love ballet company in Denmark. At the show at Takkelloftet this week the company again shows us how the meeting between the bodies of the dancers and the instruments of the musicians creates a vibration in the space, which transposes to the audience; and how the communication between the steps and notes becomes ecstatic, and makes every movement sharper and every note more sensitive; and how the beauty and restlessness of the body transplants itself into the dynamics and sensitivity of the music in a high level control, so that existence lights up...Kammerballetten’s fusion of top-flight musicians and exceptional dancers makes it the most sublime dance this summer”

Anne Middelboe, Information

“It’s wonderful to again this year experience Kammerballetten at Takkelloftet, The Opera in Copenhagen. This annual summerfestival, founded by the virtuoso Trio Vitruvi with its pianist Alexander McKenzie as artistic director, is, with its combination of live chamber music and new choreography an extremely enriching creative project with dance and music at the highest level”.  

Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende

KAMMERBALLETTENis sponsored by:

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